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Disclaming the Disclaimable

Nil Desperandum collectively, as well as all staff members individually, not responsible for views that any views that may or may not be expressed in an author’s work. Participants in our public forum are individually responsible for the views they express therein. All text context on this website, excepting any specifically credited or quoted excerpts, are copyright Nil Desperandum.

We will make every attempt to rate the stories we publish, and provide fair warning of any content which may contain adult or otherwise offensive themes or language. If something slips through which you do find offensive, or if you just ignore our warnings altogether, its your own problem. If you do find something offensive or disconcerting, please do let us know.

Public means Public

The Nil Desperandum Public Forum is there to allow for public discussion. Public means public. And this the Internet, so you should assume that whatever you say will last until the sun burns out. And probably beyond that point as well. And you can assume that someone, somewhere, will disagree with you, will argue with you, and will probably ridicule you as well.


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