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Author: Jim

Nil Desperandum and the Bear Crawling Nation is a collection of individuals pretty much just like you. We value our own privacy, and have neither interest nor desire in even vague attempts to violate anyone else’s privacy. That should be enough on the subject, but you never know when some faceless government bureaucrat or tort-happy lawyer may roll through here so …

Data Collection

Any and all personal data you give us when you sign up on the web site to comment on episodes or participate in the discussion forum is kept strictly confidential. It is of course possible that someone might be able to hack us and steal your email address, but it will be without any help from us and we take reasonable precautions against such occurrences.

Donations to Nil Desperandum are made primarily through PayPal. They collect a ton of personal information, but do a pretty good job keeping it under control. We suggest you review their privacy policy, because when you go there to donate you are no longer under our privacy policy, but theirs. If you want to donate via other mechanisms, please contact us and we’ll work something out – a check in the mail is just as good.

Media Rights

All of the audio content on is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No-Derivatives license. Read the license in detail if you are so inclined, but in short this means that you are free to re-use and re-distribute our content to your heart’s content provided that:
  • - You always tell people where it came from (Attribution);
  • - You do not make any money from doing so (Non-Commercial);
  • - You do not edit or alter the content in any way (No-Derivatives).
If a particular author has some other, even more liberal, license on their work you will find notification of such in the informational tags on that particular audio file.

This license only applies to the content we distribute. Other distributions or productions of the same work may well be covered under a difference license.


Nil Desperandum audio content is distributed via MP3 files, which as far as we know are virus-free. Someone, somewhere, may someday find a way to distribute a virus or malware in an MP3 file though. But if it does happen, it won’t be because of anything we did – and more than likely it will have caused more trouble for us than for you!


We make every attempt to rate our stories for content and label them appropriately. You can find rating information elsewhere on the web site, and every episode is categorized according to our rating. Most of us are parents ourselves, and we take this very seriously. That said, you may disagree with our rating – so we expect that you will be responsible in sharing our content with younger or more impressionable listeners and make your own decisions.

The ideas, opinions, and attitudes expressed by authors in the stories we publish are their own. The ideas, opinions, and attitudes expressed in the editor’s notes for each story are those of that editor as an individual. And ditto for any comments posted by anyone on the web site or in the forum.

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