008-01 – Dioscuri

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated R

Dioscuri, by Edward R. Morris. Part one of two.

Mr. Morris can be found online at http://edwardrmorrisjr.blogspot.com/.

Special thanks to Steve Cox (http://fromtheedge.com) and Erin McFall (http://erinsaves.ning.com/) for their narration assistance.

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, continue the experiment. If it continues to run away, terminate it and rebuild. Rinse. Repeat Step One.

This is the way of pure Science. We may think we love those not born of Man and Woman, the way we think we love a long-time family pet. But neither are ensouled.

Not even when they think they are.


One Response to “008-01 – Dioscuri”

  1. Edward Morris Says:

    This audio production is top-notch and quite fun. I was *trembling*, it was so good. Trembling to hear people care as much about reading this story as I did about writing it. Give yourselves a standing O, I did.

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