026 – Preacher Porter’s Cure by J. Michael Shell

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated R

Part 2 of Preacher Porter’s Cure by J. Michael Shell.

Adam Gauntlett opens his bookshelf to find The Alexandria Quartet, by Lawrence Durrell.

And Jim is joined by Jennifer Leeper, author of the novella Padre. Be sure and take a look at the very nice trailer!

I stayed with the preacher about a week. It was Sunday night when he took me in. For three days he watched over me while I got good and sick. I’d been at it a long time and stopping damn near killed me. Twice in that three days I was so bad the old preacher had to give me a little booze or I’d have gone into DTs. But when the worst of it was over he told me I wasn’t going to ever take alcohol again because I was going to be what God wanted me to be. “First thing you got to do is admit liquor’s stronger than you, but not stronger than God. It’s done wupped your ass and it’ll always wup it. Go ahead, admit it.”


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