023 – A Princess of the Moon

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

A Princess of the Moon by Patricia Correll. Narrated by Lorna Boyle.

Music is In Kamakkura — The Traditional Samurai Metropolitan in Japan by Ichiro NAKAGAWA.

The first night in the new village, Hinako couldn’t sleep. The house creaked and sighed all around her. She tried to hear Father breathing in the next room. But he was drowned in the settling of the house and the distant roar of the sea. Hinako rose. She dressed and slipped barefoot past her father’s door, out into the summer night.

Hinako wandered between the little houses, keeping near the walls, in the shadows. Inside the houses, strangers slept. But out here she was alone. Hinako hummed to herself, a song her mother used to sing. She turned a corner, onto the main road that bisected the village.

A ghost stood in the middle of the road.


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