017 – Some Things Never Change

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated R

Some Things Never Change, by M.R. Jordan.

Music for this episode is Sedona Sky, by 2012.

Jim Gable cradled a cheap plastic grocery bag between his arm and ribcage because the handles had broken. In the other hand he thumbed his retro iPhone X, flipping through songs. He walked with his head down, on autopilot. Tweets crawled across his screen- old and new were seconds apart- from friends seemingly compelled to announce every detail of their lives. Half of them weren’t friends, not in the old sense of the word. These days the world was your friend. A woman walking her dog sniffed at him as she passed.


One Response to “017 – Some Things Never Change”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Definitely not getting an Oracle; not if it causes your buildings to just get up and hike off cross country, expecting you to donate your kidney to get them back! Nice work, and excellent narration.

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