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The new Nil Desperandum promo is now available. Please distribute far and wide!


M003 – Interview with Shelly Li

Author: Jim  //  Category: Metacasts

Jim interviews Miss Shelly Li, author of he Architect of Apathy.


014 – The Architect of Apathy

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated G

The Architect of Apathy, by Shelly Li. Narrated by John Robinson, host of The Dark Forest Podcast.

It is said that if history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.

So let me tell you a story about apathy, and how it came into this world. Now, some people think that hate is the opposite of love. But really, does one hate because he cannot love? No. One hates because he has loved and lost, turning hate and love into neighbors.

However apathy, by definition being the absence of passion, emotion, excitement, is the sole antithesis of love.

And before it came to earth, it lived in the form of a house that hovered among the clouds.

Music for this episode is Apathy, by Scott Helm.


013 – Corseting

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated R

Corseting, by Brandon Blackburn. Narrated by Ken Stoeffler.

Around midnight, pedestrians cutting through Olmstead Park in north Boston would sometimes look up to the west façade of the Feniston Building where a few lights in a few lonely offices on the eleventh floor were still burning, their luminescence quickly swallowed by the cloying night. In one of these offices, Jim Staymin, Creative Director for Beantown Fashion, sat behind a small desk crowded with drafts of articles and photo sets, looking at the taskbar at the bottom of his PC screen, which gave the time as 11:53 PM. Marlene, his editor-in-chief, sat across the desk from him where she’d sat for most of the evening, mouth tight, eyes bright but emotionless, just as they’d been for as long as Jim had known her. She was considering an objection Jim had just made, but considered it only momentarily before shaking her head and resuming her argument. “All I’m saying,” she said, “is that I think a trip to the gym is in order for this young lady.”


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