M002 Interview with DeAnna Knippling

Author: Jim  //  Category: Metacasts

Jim is joined by DeAnna Knippling, author of Miracle, Texas. We discuss her story, why Westerns should always end badly, and zombies.


012 – Miracle, Texas

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated R

Miracle, Texas by DeAnna Knippling.

If he’d meant to leave his wife for her, he shouldn’t have shot her horse.

Justine waved to the banditos and hefted her saddlebags. She’d sold the banditos her saddle and tack in payment for the ride from El Paso to Miracle, Texas. They’d heard of Marguerite’s Amazons and therefore weren’t prepared to risk doing her bodily harm, but they weren’t going to give her a ride for free. She walked the last mile and a half, one foot in front of the other. Her boots hurt her feet; she wasn’t used to walking.


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