009 – An Even Temper

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

An Even Temper, by Michael Saad

Narrated by John Roberts, co-host of GAG The Manager.

The shopping cart slammed into the doorframe, causing a crash that pierced the silence of our apartment hallway. Crouched in the front basket, I held up my forearm to prevent my body from barreling through our front door.

“Monty, you idiot,” I cursed. I took my keys from my pocket and thrust them into the doorknob, while Monty‚Äôs hoarse laugh vibrated down the hall.

“Damn key,” I snorted, fumbling with the lock. Still in the grocery basket, I opened the door and Monty ploughed us through. The shopping cart rolled onto on our living room floor with me still in it.


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