033 – No Such Thing As Private Eyes by Mark Coggins

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

We present the very first August Riordan story, No Such Thing as Private Eyes, by Mark Coggins.

Music is Coffee ‘n Scotch from the Chris Greene Quartet.


023 – A Princess of the Moon

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

A Princess of the Moon by Patricia Correll. Narrated by Lorna Boyle.

Music is In Kamakkura — The Traditional Samurai Metropolitan in Japan by Ichiro NAKAGAWA.

The first night in the new village, Hinako couldn’t sleep. The house creaked and sighed all around her. She tried to hear Father breathing in the next room. But he was drowned in the settling of the house and the distant roar of the sea. Hinako rose. She dressed and slipped barefoot past her father’s door, out into the summer night.

Hinako wandered between the little houses, keeping near the walls, in the shadows. Inside the houses, strangers slept. But out here she was alone. Hinako hummed to herself, a song her mother used to sing. She turned a corner, onto the main road that bisected the village.

A ghost stood in the middle of the road.


021 – Just Another Graveyard Shift

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

Just Another Graveyard Shift, by Tom Swoffer. Read by Charles McFall.

“I know it’s the second time this week he ain’t showed up. What the hell am I supposed to do about it?”

Whenever my old lady starts up with me, telling me something stupid I already know, something she expects me to do something about when there’s not a damn thing I can do, it really gets under my skin, like an itch you can’t scratch away. And the damn bitch knows that, too.


020 – Padre

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

Padre by Jennifer Leeper. Narrated by John Robinson.

Music is Suil a ruin by Ceili Moss.

Be sure and pick up a copy of the novel Padre, beginning 01 November, 2011.

Death stands beside me. It stands near me like an old prison warden I’ve known for years, but we’ve never quite become friends and at times I even hated this warden. Now, though, there is no hate left in me for my warden. Death is no longer simply a frightening and inevitable destination, but I can see that it is the composite of all the moments that came before this moment and it completes the necessary whole of my life.


016 – Memories of Childhood

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

Memories of Childhood, by D. Thomas Minton. Narrated by Riki Robinson.

Music is Rolling Memories, by Alexandre Falcao.

“All right, all right,” said Margie, waving her hands for silence. “Enough war-on-terror talk.”

The four of us had finished several bottles of wine, and her face glowed flush in the soft lamplight. I felt a little lightheaded myself and incredibly horny. From where she sat at the end of the couch, she pushed against my thigh with her toes. It was driving me crazy.

“What is your earliest memory from childhood?” Margie asked when she had our attention.

“I can remember being born,” Julian said.


010 – Flash

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

Nil Desperandum presents our first collection of flash fiction:

Regarding Emma, by Elizabeth Barton. Narrated by Julie Sigwart.

Casey’s Hope by Alexandra Seidel. Narrated by Erin McFall.

Counterculture by Elizabeth Creith. Narrated by Charlene Huang-Roberts.

A Drink, the Devil, and My Mother, by Lisa Gurney. Narrated by Jim Phillips.


Bonus – An Even Temper

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

With the kind permission of, and really at the request of, Michael Saad – author of An Even Temper – we present the full unabridged text in PDF format.

Please enjoy!


009 – An Even Temper

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

An Even Temper, by Michael Saad

Narrated by John Roberts, co-host of GAG The Manager.

The shopping cart slammed into the doorframe, causing a crash that pierced the silence of our apartment hallway. Crouched in the front basket, I held up my forearm to prevent my body from barreling through our front door.

“Monty, you idiot,” I cursed. I took my keys from my pocket and thrust them into the doorknob, while Monty’s hoarse laugh vibrated down the hall.

“Damn key,” I snorted, fumbling with the lock. Still in the grocery basket, I opened the door and Monty ploughed us through. The shopping cart rolled onto on our living room floor with me still in it.


006 – The Algorithms for Love

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

The Algorithms for Love, by Ken Liu. Ken can be found online at http://kenliu.name/.

Narrated by the lovely Lorna Boyle. Lorna can be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lornawynn217.

So long as the nurse is in the room to keep an eye on me, I am allowed to dress myself and get ready for Brad. I slip on an old pair of jeans and a scarlet turtleneck sweater. I’ve lost so much weight that the jeans hang loosely from the bony points of my hips.

“Let’s go spend the weekend in Salem,” Brad says to me as he walks me out of the hospital, an arm protectively wrapped around my waist, “just the two of us.”


005-02 Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven

Author: Jim  //  Category: Rated PG

Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven, by Mark Twain. Part 2 of 2.

Narrated by Charlie White, who you can find online at http://www.cewtwo.com.

Learn about, and purchase, the full manuscript of Mark Twain’s long-awaited autobiography at http://www.thisismarktwain.com/

I had been having considerable trouble with my wings. The day after I helped the choir I made a dash or two with them, but was not lucky. First off, I flew thirty yards, and then fouled an Irishman and brought him down–brought us both down, in fact. Next, I had a collision with a Bishop–and bowled him down, of course. We had some sharp words, and I felt pretty cheap, to come banging into a grave old person like that, with a million strangers looking on and smiling to themselves.


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